Sen. Blumenthal’s price gouging bill could impact EpiPen prices

Sen. Richard Blumenthal is proposing a bill that could put a stop to big price spikes for EpiPens.
Within the last few years, EpiPens have gone from under $100 to almost $700, on average.
Sen. Blumenthal plans to introduce price gouging legislation that would enforce a special FDA review any time a drug's price increases 10 percent in one year. State lawmakers passed a similar law this year that requires drug makers to have to justify price hikes above 20 percent.
"They would first review, then request, but ultimately go to court ­– if necessary – to stop the price increase," Sen. Blumenthal says.
Allergists say EpiPens have had only minor changes over the past few years and say it's time for a change.
"Other countries are able to manage the costs much better than we can here in the United States," says allergist Dr. Leslie Coleman. "I think there has to be more oversight along the lines of what Sen. Blumenthal wants to do."
The senator says he plans to introduce the bill next month.