Stamford Registrar of Voters: Be sure to mail out applications for absentee ballots as soon as possible

The Stamford Registrar's Office is encouraging voters to plan ahead by either mailing or placing applications for absentee ballots in ballot boxes as soon as possible.
Lucy Corilli, the Republican registrar, and Ron Malloy, the Democratic registrar, say the secretary of the state has sent out the applications to all registered voters in Connecticut.
Malloy says absentee ballots will be mailed out by Oct. 2, and that you should send it back as soon as you can.
Corilli says in-person voting is also safe and that cleanliness precautions are of the utmost importance when it comes to voting at the 23 polling locations in Stamford.
The Registrar's Office counts the votes and has until the following Monday to give that information to the state.
The office also suggests if you're not registered to vote to register a week before Election Day.