State gun laws take center stage in upcoming election

The upcoming election will decide if Republicans take back control of the state Capitol and has many residents wondering what will happen to Connecticut's strict gun laws.
The state banned AR-15 rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines after Sandy Hook, and a universal background system was put in place. Gun control groups say they are worried a Republican-controlled legislature could repeal some of those rules.
"After Sandy Hook, we passed some of the most comprehensive and forward-thinking laws in the country and still to this day," says Jeremy Stein of CT Against Gun Violence. "And we know that they work."
Kristin Song says her son Ethan should have been a senior in high school this year, but he died in a gun accident at a friend's house. This year, Song plans to hit the campaign trail and push for stricter laws on storing weapons.
"The only way that I'm going to survive the passing of Ethan is to see some action," Song says. "If we could save one child, then I will at least feel like Ethan didn't die in vain."
On the other side, Connecticut Citizens Defense League says it's worried about new laws, like the proposed ban on so-called ghost guns, which are kits that hobbyists assemble into guns.
The CCDL is the state's biggest gun rights group with 31,000 members. The group is endorsing Bob Stefanowski for governor along with dozens of other candidates this year.