State politicians argue football has protective equipment from COVID-19 after fall season canceled

Parents and politicians say that students in Connecticut should be able to play football this fall as other nearby states are playing.
The CIAC, the state high school athletic governing body, decided not to have schools play football last week because of the health concerns warned by the state's Department of Public Health.
State Rep. JP Sredzinski says every other fall sport is moving forward, and he says football has protective equipment from COVID-19. He says football goes beyond just playing a sport - that it teaches kids about coming together as a group.
Sredzinski sent a letter to Gov. Ned Lamont pleading with him, the Department of Public Health and the CIAC to get them to allow high school athletes to play football this fall.
He says the other concern is that if the state passes on the football season, the athletes will find other things to do that may be unsupervised.
Parents have started a Facebook page called Let Them Play-Connecticut.