State senator: Video shows harassment by members of Norwalk Police Department

Surveillance video has now been released by the Norwalk Police Department that state Sen. Bob Duff says shows he was ganged up on by police over the summer.
News 12 Connecticut obtained this video through a Freedom of Information request.
Sen. Duff says he was asked by police on July 24 to come to the union and speak about the police accountability bill that was brought up in Hartford.
He says the officers were mad about it and at one point “15 or 20 officers stormed into the room that were not invited.”
Sen. Duff says he was asked to leave. When he went outside, he says one of the officers, Mike Silva, spit at him. Chief Thomas E. Kulhawik says the officer was spitting at the ground.
"It is not acceptable. It is intimidating. It is bullying. It is unprofessional and so the Norwalk Police Department needs to do some soul searching and figure out how they're going to move forward so that the community has confidence in their abilities," says the state senator.
Sen. Duff says officers later followed him out to his car. He also says an off-duty officer frequently drives by his home and yells expletives.
He says the chief told him recently that Officer Silva is planning to apologize. He also said that the video speaks for itself and that he will comment again once the department's complete review is finished.