Stone pig turns heads in Weston community

A work of art in Weston has gained the attention of the community after the artist decided to dress it up.
Jolantha the pig was made 15 years ago by Hans Wilhelm, a children's books writer and illustrator.
Wilhelm’s wife Judy makes ceramics, and their studios are at an old pig farm in Weston. He created the statue on Kellogg Hill Road to honor an old pig that lived there.
Wilhelm and his wife decided to dress up the pig for seasons and holidays, and people started to take notice.
He says he loves how it has taken off and how Jolantha has brought so much joy to others.
"The reaction is that people usually stop and take photos of it," says Wilhelm.
The couple has received emails and letters from people in the area who drive by to see the pig.
Wilhelm says if you rub the pig's nose, it will bring you good luck.