Striking Uber drivers kicked off property of center intended to support them

Uber drivers in Stamford who were on strike Wednesday were kicked off the property of a support center intended to help them.
The goal was to speak with an Uber spokesperson, but the protesters were greeted by security and then police, before getting kicked off of the property.
Strikes and protests are being held all over the nation this week urging ridesharing companies to adopt basic labor standards.
Workers are fighting for the company to support Senate Bill 989. If passed, ridesharing companies would owe drivers 75% of the money earned each ride. It would also give them protection for advocating for better treatment.
The drivers are protesting before Uber goes public on Friday. The estimated value of its shares is $91 billion.
A spokesperson for Uber told News 12 they have no comment on the incident at the facility Wednesday.
If Senate Bill 989 is passed, it would go into effect this upcoming July.