Students return to K'tanim Preschool in Fairfield

Students returned to K'tanim Preschool in Fairfield Tuesday for the first time since schools were closed during the height of the pandemic.
A teacher wearing a T-Rex dinosaur costume greeted students as they entered the parking lot at Congregation Beth El where the school is located.
The school was also decorated with balloons.
After doing virtual learning from home since March, teachers and students say they are ready to get back in the classroom.
"The parents are excited, the kids are excited, the teachers are excited. Our school, we are like a family community so we really are all very close with each other; so without the summer we've been checking in with each other and talking and seeing how we're all doing. But we are all excited to come back," Katie Lued, the school's director says.
Due to the pandemic, the preschool has made changes like keeping their class sizes small and utilizing outdoor classroom space.
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