Thief steals tip jar from Stamford pizzeria

The owner of Fairfield Pizza in Stamford is asking for the public's help Monday to identify the person who stole their tip jar on Friday.
Fernando Depaula says the jar was stolen off the counter in plain sight and that the area is surrounded by several security cameras.
Security footage shows that before the suspect walked out of the restaurant, he hid the jar down his pants.
Depaula says that despite the jar only containing $50, he filed a police report right away to send a message to people who think they can steal without any consequences, especially since this isn't the restaurant's first run-in with a thief.
He says since they opened in 2012, the store has been burglarized three times.
"Many times I tell people, 'Hey, we got cameras, if you don't leave...' and then they walk away," says Depaula.
While Depaula believes he shouldn't need to take expensive security measures, he says the amount of homeless people and crimes downtown makes it a necessity.
Fairfield Pizza continues to work with police to identify the man in the video.
News 12 Connecticut blurred the surveillance video because the suspect may be a juvenile offender.