We’re Open: Hawley Lane Shoes opens 5th store amid pandemic

A chain of local shoe stores is actually expanding at a time when many businesses are struggling.
Hawley Lane Shoes is opening its fifth store in Danbury later this month.
Co-owner David Levy says his Shelton branch store is using specially designed shields to help customers feel safe, and that's been helping business.
"So many people who were active during COVID and hadn't walked for a long time, started walking every day and their feet are killing them,” says Levy. “What we're good at is eliminating that pain immediately. We have so many brands, like Birkenstock, Holcomb, SAS, and 60 professional shoe fitters that really love helping the community and getting people pain free and active."
Hawley Lane Shoes celebrating its 45th anniversary this year.
The owner says it feels great to be creating jobs at a time when so many people need them.