Westport marathon swimmer claims 2 Guinness World Records

A Westport woman claimed two Guinness World Records after conquering some of the greatest challenges the ocean can offer.
Elizabeth Fry was recognized last week as the oldest female and oldest overall person to ever complete the Oceans Seven at 60 years and 301 days old.
The Oceans Seven is a marathon swimming challenge consisting of the seven channels all around the world. It can take up to 12 or more hours to cross each, with extra hazards like cold water and ocean predators.
The record-holder braved 50-degree water and lion's mane jellyfish. The North Channel took her 11 hours and 13 minutes.
Fry says she's been inspired by other swimmers her whole life, and she hopes her accomplishments inspire the next generation of open-water adventurers.
"If I can help someone, it doesn't have to be the Oceans Seven, but the first, you know, 1-mile swim," she said. "Or just getting to the (YMCA). I think that's important, and people get out of their comfort zones and take on something new."
Fry says her next project is swimming the Great Lakes. She already has Lake Huron and Lake Ontario out of the way.