Huntington Station woman with Down syndrome makes ‘Baskets of Hope’ for families nation-wide

A Huntington Station woman with Down syndrome is making a difference across the country. 
Brittany Schiavone, 30, is the founder of the nonprofit organization, Brittany's Baskets of Hope.
The goal of the organization is to send welcome baskets for babies born with Down syndrome across Long Island and around the country.

“I want to give them happiness and hope and joy inside of them,” says Schiavone.

Since she started the nonprofit, Schiavone, who has Down syndrome, has sent out more than 800 baskets across the country.

Along with hats, booties and blankets, the most important items in the basket are the support materials for families who are expecting a child with Down syndrome.
Schiavone’s mother, Susan Schiavone, says when families receive their baskets, “It gives them the opportunity to know that this is a path that's going to be OK."

Schiavone personally delivers the baskets to families who live on Long Island. She talks to the parents and holds the babies.
“Babies with Down syndrome can do anything,” says Schiavone.
Schiavone is in the running for the L'Oreal Paris Women of Worth competition, a national contest recognizing women who help others.