11th Annual Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo 2022 kicks off in Harbor Point

Health and wellness brought hundreds of people together in Stamford today for its 11th annual Health Wellness & Lifestyle Expo in Harbor Point.
"I think people are really focused on lifestyle changes – whether that's healthy eating, exercise, making sure they're staying fit." says Ilaria St. Florian, a Pediatric Nutritionist at Stamford Health.
It’s the largest health expo in the state of Connecticut with dozens of local vendors and health and wellness experts showcasing their work to the community. From free fitness classes, food vendors, and access to local health clinics and more, experts say they’ve seen a huge push for people to value their health and wellness right now more than ever before.
"I love it because it keeps me strong, it keeps me happy and makes me social," says a participant.
Fitness instructors say it only takes a few consistent exercises to keep up with your fitness.
"To maintain a healthy lifestyle, you don't need weights…If you have 15-20 minutes, if you have time to do pull ups it'll make your life so much better," says Dave, a fitness instructor at Chelsea Piers.