1st snowstorm of 2022 made for slippery Friday morning commute

Road crews kept up with the morning snow in spite of severe staff shortages, yet it was still a rough commute Friday morning.
The snow was easy to plow but was also especially slippery.
Emergency crews rushed to multiple crashes.
Plows were able to keep up. The Department of Transportation deployed all 600 of its trucks - even though it's missing 35% of the highway staff due to COVID and hundreds of unfilled jobs.
Highway crews lucked out this time. The sun was already out by mid-morning. If the next storm runs into multiple shifts and plow drivers have to swap out, their luck could run out.
"The real problem will be if we have a multi, a very long, long storm that lasts over 24 hours," said Deputy Transportation Commissioner Garrett Eucalitto.
On the rails, the Metro-North ran on a Saturday schedule.
Connecticut State Police responded to 703 calls for service Friday morning. There were 96 accidents without injuries and three with injuries.