2 Bridgeport gas stations battle it out by offering gas for under $2 a gallon

Two dueling gas stations in Bridgeport are currently touting prices that are well-below the current average.
The new Gulf station on North Avenue fired the first shots in the gas price war by slashing prices to $1.97 a gallon as part of its grand opening.
"We're the new kid on the block," says Gulf station owner Eddie Jamal. "We want people to come in and see what we have."
In response, the nearby Citgo station slashed its price to $1.99 a gallon and then went further to drop it to $1.95.
Drivers are flocking to fill up at the stations since other nearby gas stations on North Avenue are charging $2.75 a gallon.
Deliveries to the Citgo station have had to be increased because of the demand. The delivery driver says the station is going through about 18,000 gallons a day.
AAA says Connecticut gas prices have nearly fallen back to what they were this time last year. The statewide average price for self serve regular gas is $2.63 a gallon. That's eight cents less than a month ago and just two cents more than the $2.51 a year ago.
Both station owners say they are not sure how long they will keep the lower prices.