2 restaurants offer deals for struggling gov't workers

Two local restaurants are doing their part to help out federal workers who may be struggling amid the federal government shutdown.
Starting next week, Eli's Orange and Eli's Tavern in Milford will be running a special promotion on Mondays for all federal workers. Both restaurants will offer them $5 burgers and fries, $5 craft beers, and $3 drafts.
General Manager Kevin Fitzsimmons says there are an estimated 1,500 federal workers in Connecticut who've been furloughed or are working without pay, so he wanted to do something.
For Fitzsimmons, it's personal. His dad was a federal agent for 33 years, so he understands what federal employees and their families may be going through.
"We were affected by many of the government shutdowns, so I lived through this many times," he says. "At Eli's, we're just excited to do our part."
Fitzsimmons says all someone has to do to get the discount is show a federal ID.
"I think it's great because we're in the hospitality business, our job is to take care of our community. And these guys, we sympathize with the people who are out of work and whatever we can do to support them, we're happy to do it," says Tom Hanley, Eli's Orange Bar manager.
The promotion will run through February even if the federal government reopens before then.