2nd annual Bridgeport Film Festival to kick off Friday at Klein Memorial Auditorium

The second annual Bridgeport Film Festival is kicking off Friday at the Klein Memorial Auditorium, with debuts of almost 90 films from local, national and international filmmakers.
"I've always wanted to do something for Bridgeport,” said founder and artistic director Jason Coombs. “Bridgeport gets a very negative reputation in the media that we know, but it's not the Bridgeport that I knew growing up."
Coombs says the first Bridgeport Film Fest was a success despite pandemic conditions, and this year is set to be even bigger.
"I think it's important to cultivate that and have a community of people to come together and share ideas and network, and be part of this tribe we're all trying to make,” said Coombs.
Artists say the festival slate represents diverse voices that will let everyone see themselves in the work.
"You need to have positive representation to have that change in the world, so that's why I make the films I make,” said Tedesco.
After showing her film "Spin" at Cannes in May, director Lisa Marie Tedesco says she's excited to get back to a Connecticut crowd.
Filmmakers say a festival is a great place to see honest, unique work that isn't afraid to take a risk.
The Bridgeport Film Fest will kick off with a red carpet, 4 p.m. on Friday and continue with films, panels and guest speakers all weekend long.