3-car crash in Greenwich leaves 2 in critical condition

Police have released new information about Thursday?s three-car crash in Greenwich that left two teens critically injured.
Police say speed was a major factor in the collision, which occurred just before 6 p.m. on East Putnam Avenue. A red Jeep Cherokee was driving south down the avenue when it slammed into a car turning into a Citgo gas station. According to police, the two teens in the Jeep were speeding.
At least two people were thrown from their vehicles into the street. One of them was 17-year-old Corrine Lantz, a passenger in the Jeep. Both Lantz and the driver of the Jeep, 19-year-old Dan Maymin, were rushed to the hospital and remain in critical condition. Police say neither of the teens was wearing a seatbelt.
According to Greenwich police, two other people were involved in the accident, and they were also rushed to the hospital. East Putnam Avenue was closed for hours Thursday night as police investigated the accident.
Citgo surveillance cameras caught footage of the accident, and the owner says police planned to look at the tape. The owner says he isn?t surprised by the crash because cars speed down the street all the time.
Police say they have re-created the scene from Thursday night and are interviewing witnesses. They are also looking into whether or not alcohol played a role in the accident. The official cause of the crash is still under investigation.