3 men accused of stealing $15K of fur coats from Westport store

Three men are accused of stealing $15,000 worth of fur coats from a Westport store, police say.
The incident happened Friday inside Albe Furs at 286 Post Road East around 11:30 a.m.
Police say three men walked into the store, grabbed several fur coats on display and ran out of the store.
The store owner of 25 years, Felix Skolmik, says the suspects were walking around different areas of the store as if they were going to buy something. Around five minutes later, they grabbed four or five garments worth roughly $15,000 and ran out, according to Skolmik.
The owner of another local business contacted police after learning of the story and says they believe the same suspects had been in their store on Thursday inquiring about fur coats, but nothing was taken at that time. Police said they plan on investigating this incident.
Skolmik says the incident happened fast but that one of the three men did have a limp. Police say a witness also snapped a cellphone picture of the license plate on the suspects' car.
Lt. Anthony Prezioso with the Wesport Police Department says the men had no weapons and no masks. Prezioso added that the license plate was stolen and registered to someone in New York.
He says the police plan to work with other agencies to investigate the incident and that the men could face felony larceny, robbery and conspiracy charges.
Anyone with information is asked to call Westport Police Department's Detective Bureau at 203-341-6080.