4 alleged car thieves nabbed in sting operation

Four people suspected in a car break-in were arrested last Wednesday in the course of a two-hour sting operation along Southern Boulevard.
In an effort to crack down on car thefts between Fordham University and the botanical gardens, the Bronx District Attorney?s Office and the 48th Precinct set up a bait car to lure thieves.
?It's like going to the supermarkets, they take what they like, they'll break the window and be on their way,? says Detective Anthony Ramvazis.
Surveillance teams observed a group of three men approaching the bait car in broad daylight. Police say the men smashed the front passenger window with a large rock, took a laptop computer, a GPS, a cell phone and other electronics. The trio was taken into custody at the scene of the crime.
A fourth suspect was arrested after allegedly breaking into a church van that was parked around the corner.
Local residents say car thefts and break-ins are not uncommon in the area.
?On Sunday, I?ve seen three broken car windows,? says Jose Vega.
Residents say despite this latest success, no car parked in their neighborhood is safe.
Detectives say it is important for Bronx residents to report any sign of a break-in to police. Once it is entered into their database, it makes it easier to find repeat offenders.