4-ton Idaho potato makes its way to Torrington to promote heart-healthy eating

A 4-ton, 28-foot long potato was spotted in Torrington Wednesday on a flat-bed truck.
"I don't think I could eat this. It's too much," said a woman who came to see the potato.
It's all part of the Famous Idaho Potato Tour spreading the word around America about the heart-healthy benefits of Idaho potatoes.
The enormous potato drew people from all over to Zach and Lou's Barbeque where they took plenty of pictures.
Even though it's not real, it brings plenty of smiles and benefits to the places it visits.
"I'm blessed beyond measure to see the country and to be able to donate to the local causes that are important to the communities. That's something that touches my heart personally and it’s just fun to do," said Melissa Bradford with Big Idaho Potato, who drives the big rig.
Big Idaho Potato is donating $1,000 to the local community through its Big Helping Program.
If you'd like to follow the truck's trek across the country click on this link.