5 animals announce candidacy for mayor of Beardsley Zoo

Five animals have thrown their hat in the ring for a run at mayor of Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport.

News 12 Staff

Nov 8, 2021, 2:52 PM

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While some people may be political animals, there are some animals at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo that are getting into politics.
The race is on at the zoo for the next mayor of the Bridgeport animal kingdom. Animals in the race include Clara, a North American bison. She may be an early front-runner partly because of name recognition. After all, the bison is the nation’s national mammal.
“She’s one of those huge conservation success stories, almost being extinct in the wild and brought back with the help of zoos,” says Gregg Dancho, the zoo’s director.
Zari, the African grey parrot, is also a contender who is not afraid to speak up on the issues.
“When she’s feeling super comfortable, Zari is super chatty,” says Chrissy Shore, the zoo educator. “She makes a ton of different noises, I always say she likes to communicate.”
K-man, a yacare caiman (part of the alligator family) has the thickest skin of the candidates. He's looking forward to really sinking his teeth into the job if he wins.
Jolene, the whistling duck, is back on the ballot -- the only competitor who ran in last year's election.
Last on the list is Harry the guinea hog piglet – a real mud slinger.
“Harry’s actually been taught how to sit and stay. A lot of people don’t realize how smart pigs can be,” says Dancho.
Voting runs through Thursday, Nov. 18 on the zoo's website. Site visitors can vote as many times as they like at a cost of a $1 donation. The money is going toward the zoo’s conservation and education programs, as well as the health and welfare of the animals.

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