5 dangerous impacts of a hurricane and how to prepare

Hurricane season is fast approaching and people need to be prepared for a potential direct hit. Knowing what the storm could bring and how to prepare for it ahead of time just may save your life.
There are five very dangerous impacts of a hurricane:
Storm Surge: When water is pushed onshore and causes the most damage of any of these five hazards.
Heavy rain and inland flooding: Heavy rain far inland from the storm can wash out roadways and damage homes.
Destructive winds: Winds can top 200 mph and cause catastrophic damage.
Tornadoes: Common within a hurricane and can do plenty of damage.
Rip currents: Very common before and after the storm, making swimming very dangerous.
Find out if you live in a hurricane evacuation area and prepare an emergency kit. Sit with your family and talk about an emergency plan. Review your home insurance policy to see what you're covered for.