500,000 LED lights brighten the LuMagica light display in North Salem

It’s is a magical time of year, and nowhere is that more evident than a Road Trip: Close to Home at the LuMagica light display at Harvest Moon Farm in North Salem.
It is the biggest holiday light park in all of Westchester with more than 500,000 LED lights and music that pairs along. “You can expect a full immersive experience using every sense that we can—visually, acoustically, we really wanted to incorporate all that. There’s seven themed areas throughout the whole half-mile trail. We have Arctic Freeze, we have Fallen Rock, there’s Candy Cane Lane, we have Keeping the Tradition, Starry Night, and Into the Rainbow,” explains Juan Novoa, LuMagica designer.
Novoa says family is the overarching theme of this exhibit. “After a troubling year and a half, we really wanted to bring this experience to everybody and really encompass that sense of family. As you’ll see throughout the space, you’ll see a family of bears, a family of lions, and even a soaring parrot tending to its nested eggs.”
The experience is about half a mile long, so you can walk through in less than an hour - or just take your time and stroll. And after your walk through this winter wonderland - be sure to grab a bite to eat or a hot drink.