6 malnourished puppies found infested with parasites recovering at Stratford rescue

Six malnourished puppies found wet, cold, and riddled with parasites are recovering at the Stratford Animal Control Facility, Stratford Animal Rescue Society officials say.
Officials say the puppies were found soaking wet after their owner sprayed them with cold hose water to clean off diarrhea.
They were transported to the emergency vet hospital where they were found to be malnourished, hypothermic, hypoglycemic, and infested with several types of parasites.
Stratford Animal Rescue Society officials say the puppies were in a 'neglectful situation.'
The puppies required around-the-clock care from their own nurses, and officials say fortunately all dogs survived.
The puppies are now recovering at the Animal Control Facility.
Officials say the dogs will be available for adoption, but they first need donations to provide care for the six puppies’ immediate needs.
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