8-hour hostage situation ends with man in custody

An 8-hour hostage situation at 2015 Creston Ave. ended with a man in custody and two children safely released.
Police say Camilo Mejillas barricaded himself inside a first-floor apartment with his 10-year-old stepson Francisco and 11-month-old son Matthew around 8 a.m. Police negotiators, snipers and EMS crews descended on the scene ready to fire if necessary. The older boy was released hours later after negotiations.
Mejillas? father-in-law, Leonardo Espinal, who lives in the apartment where the incident took place, says his daughter Rosemary asked Mejillas for a divorce four months ago. He says Mejillas abused his daughter and was a drunk. Espinal says his daughter fled from the couple?s home in New Jersey to the Bronx apartment.
The incident started when Mejillas showed up at the apartment unannounced Friday, violating an order of protection, according to Espinal. Mejillas was able to push himself into the apartment, locking his wife out.
Mejilla is being charged with burglary, endangering the welfare of a child, criminal contempt and custodial interference.