9-year-old Wilton girl writes book, encourages kids to 'Go Out and Play Soccer'

It’s no surprise Disha Avadhani, of Wilton, is a fan of soccer. The 9-year-old has been watching Liverpool F.C. games with her dad since before she can remember. There’s even a picture of them wearing matching jerseys when Disha was just 3 months old. These days you’ll find her on the field as well as the sidelines.
“I started playing about two or three years ago. I play for two different clubs—Wilton Travel Soccer and Chelsea Piers Soccer. So, it's very fun, and I love to play all the time,” Disha said.
Now, Disha's passion for the game is the subject of a book.
“I love to read, and I love playing soccer, so I wanted to combine them, and I wrote a poem for a poetry contest, and I won a prize,” she explained.
That led Disha to talk to her parents about turning it into a book. It’s called "Go Out and Play Soccer." The Avadhanis brought on illustrator Mike Cañas, so each page includes artwork to accompany Disha's rhymes.
The goal: “It's telling kids not to just stay at home and watch TV and videogames and to go outside and play sports like soccer,” Disha told News 12.
Her poetry also emphasizes having fun and playing with heart over winning.
She said the response to the book so far has been great, and she’s not done. Disha hopes to turn "Go Out and Play" into a series with each book focused on a different sport.
“Go Out and Play” is available on Amazon.