AAA: Gas prices to get worse as summer comes around

Drivers are still hurting at the pump due to gas prices hitting a record high this week.
AAA says the average price of gas hit a record high Thursday at $4.59 a gallon. This is the highest national average recorded by AAA since they started tracking fuel costs in 2000. Over at the Americo gas station on Randall Avenue, gas is $4.97 cash and a whopping $5.07 with a card.
The price of gas first jumped earlier this year partly because of the price of oil rising internationally, especially after Russia invaded Ukraine.
According to GasBuddy, the cheapest gas can be found in the Bronx at a Global gas station on Baychester Avenue for $4.69, and in Brooklyn was at the 76 station on Atlantic Avenue at $4.75 a gallon. Drivers in the Bronx say they're at a loss for what to do, especially truck drivers who have to rely on the more expensive diesel gas.
Unfortunately, AAA says that they’re only expecting prices to get worse with summer right around the corner.