AAA reports: Daylight saving time change makes roads more dangerous

Ahead of the clocks falling back an hour this weekend, experts say the time change from daylight saving makes the roads a more dangerous place to be.
AAA reports that over the last five years, pedestrian-related crashes in the 5 p.m. hour shot up more than 200% during the month after the autumn time shift, compared to the month before. They also say for the same period, all crashes are up 56%.
Dr. Michael Leslie, an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Yale Medicine, says that danger is due to driver’s drowsiness and the darkness at busy hours.
"I think the darkness definitely contributes for the longer period, maybe the drowsiness for that first week or so as we're adjusting to the change. I think it's kind of a combined effect of all the above,” he said.
Dr. Leslie also said it is important to move over when you see a crash on the road ahead of you and give first responders space to work.