AAA, town officials urge people to stay off the roads with potential for storm over the weekend

A deep freeze and the potential for a storm that may bring rain, snow and high winds is set hit Long Island this weekend.
The town of Huntington is ready for a possible storm Sunday into Monday. Officials say the heavy equipment is ready to keep the roads safe. They say they also have a ton of salt for the roadways.
Andre Sorrentino, the Huntington Highway superintendent, says all the roads have been pre-treated.
AAA recommends that residents stay home and off the roads. Robert Sinclair, of AAA, recommends that people have an emergency kit, check their tires and take it slow if the weather is bad.
"A vehicle can take up to nine times as long to stop in snow and ice, that means you need to slow down," says Sinclair.
AAA and Huntington officials say it's important for people to stay off the roads so crews can do their jobs.