Abandoned home invites trouble to Throgs Neck block

An abandoned home is drawing drugs and gangs on a tree-lined Throgs Neck street, neighbors complain.
In the middle of the usually quiet block of Calhoun Avenue sits a two-story home whose owner was forced into foreclosure due to a subprime mortgage. A teen sitting outside tried to confront a News 12 The Bronx crew trying to cover the story.
According to state Sen. Jeffrey Klein, this is representative of problems residents face. He believes it's all too common.
"We're gonna see time and time again these boarded up properties in our communities," Klein said. "They're not only going to affect our peace and tranquility to live in our community, but they're also going to affect our property values."
Klein is working on stricter legislation to help stop abandoned homes from plaguing neighborhoods.
The now-defunct Fremont Investment and Loan issued the mortgage to the previous homeowner. The company topped the senator's list of poor lenders.