Abandoned house fires leave residents on edge

Some Bridgeport residents are worried after two abandoned homes on their street caught fire under what they say are suspicious circumstances.
Bridgeport firefighters fought for about 30 minutes Saturday, trying to save two burning abandoned homes on Gregory Street.
A homeless man pushing a shopping cart was found near the front porch of one of the houses. He suffered third-degree burns over nearly half his body.
"This time of year we really don't get too many homeless people living in them because the temperature is warmer, and we have no idea whether that person started the fire yesterday. It's under investigation," Assistant Fire Chief John Currivan said.
He said homeless people move into abandoned homes during winter, start fires to keep themselves warm and accidents sometimes occurs.
Arson investigators are expected to search for the source of the fire this week. The identity and condition of the burn victim haven?t been released yet.
The homeless man is recovering at Bridgeport Hospital's burn center.