‘Absolutely horrifying.’ Protesters rally in Stamford against Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade

Rallies are being held nationwide following the United States Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.
Dozens of people showed up in Stamford Friday saying they are devastated by the Court’s decision, but they are going to continue the fight for reproductive rights.
Mayor Caroline Simmons and state Rep. Matt Blumenthal were in attendance. 
Simmons says she is grateful that Connecticut is a state where abortion rights are protected but says November elections are crucial to make sure people in other states across the country have protection.
Stamford resident Kay Maxwell says she lived during the 1950s and she can't believe this is where the country is today.
Maxwell says she works as a welcomer at Planned Parenthood now and she says she sees the need firsthand of people needing proper reproductive rights and care.
“It's just absolutely horrifying what has happened and where we are today,” says Maxwell. “It's easy to get really discouraged but coming together with folks of like-minded people and energizing us at least gives us the strength to keep fighting, which is all we can do.”
Abortion rights are protected in Connecticut and Blumenthal says he will continue to fight for those rights to be protected in this state and the country. 
“We have to keep fighting on the national level, we have to keep fighting here at the local and the state level, and we need to demand clear pro-choice positions from our politicians and public officials," he said.
Voting in local elections was emphasized a lot at the rally both by the people and the mayor.