Accused drunk driver who crashed into hospital ER goes before judge

A man accused of drunkenly crashing his car into a hospital emergency room will remain free after a court appearance in Derby Thursday.
Officials say the driver, 51-year-old Stewart Paskiewich, crashed into a parked vehicle and into the Griffin Hospital Emergency Room last summer.
No injuries were reported. An arrest warrant says he was four times the legal blood alcohol limit.
Paskiewich permanently lost his license after his sixth drunk driving conviction in 1999, according to the Associated Press.
Police say he was previously arrested just two weeks before he crashed into the hospital for DUI.
The Connecticut DMV says Paskiewich had a valid license when this crash happened.
It's unclear how he got his license back after it being permanently revoked in 1999.
Paskiewich wasn't charged with DUI until two months after the incident and wasn't arrested until another four months after.
News 12 Connecticut reached out to Derby police for response.
Prosecutors say he could face additional charges. He returns to court on Feb. 7.
The DMV says Paskiewich's license is now suspended.
In Connecticut, drunk driving convictions only stay on someone's criminal record for 10 years.
The judge ordered Paskiewich not to drive a car.