Accused killer arraigned in Bridgeport shooting; arrest warrant details investigation

A Stratford man accused in a shooting in downtown Bridgeport that killed a local man and injured his brother was arraigned at Bridgeport Superior Court Wednesday. Joseph Dejesus, 38, whose previous legal name was Joseph Reyes, went before a judge on several charges including murder in the death of Dominique Jones, 29.
Local and federal law enforcement arrested Dejesus at a relative’s home Tuesday, about 2 ½ weeks after the deadly incident.
The shooting happened outside a bar on the corner of Fairfield Avenue and Broad Street in the early hours of Oct. 8. Dejesus’ arrest warrant said security footage shows Jones, his brother Craig Langston, and a third man drive into the area and park across from Murphy’s Law bar. The two brothers then walk up to a group of people that includes Dejesus outside the bar’s entrance and speak to them briefly. “Langston is seen shaking hands with a person standing directly next to Joseph Dejesus and part of the group,” according to the warrant. After less than two minutes, the brothers walk back across the street and join the other man who came with them which is when Dejesus and another suspect allegedly began shooting at them.
Jones died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and legs. Langston was shot in the back and hospitalized but has been released. Police said a third person, whom they called an innocent bystander, was also shot but not by Dejesus. Police told News 12 additional arrests are possible. They could not comment on a motive.
“The investigation is open and active, but I have to say that it was such a combined effort between the homicide squad here, Stratford police; our Fusion Center, who has surveillance downtown, really kind of made this case,” said Capt. Kevin Gilleran.
In court, the state urged the judge to set a high bond for Dejesus, while defense attorney Michael Riley argued for a lower number. “I would disagree with the state that this is a strong case. I had the opportunity to review the warrant this morning. No DNA, no gunshot residue, no fingerprints, no confession, no gun,” Riley said.
But along with the video evidence, police also have a witness, according to the warrant. Gilleran also told News 12 police recovered a gun when they arrested Dejesus.
The judge set bond at $2 million and said if Dejesus can post it, he will be required to wear a GPS ankle monitor. Dejesus is back in court Nov. 8.