Accused murderer's mom proclaims son's innocence at Bridgeport trial

The mother of an accused murderer was there to support her son Tuesday during the second day of his trial in Bridgeport.
Miguel Zapata is accused of the 2001 shooting death of 24-year-old Zoltan Kiss. Police say Kiss was inside his car when several people shot at him from both sides near the corner of Jane and Pembroke streets. According to police, Kiss was shot more than 20 times. Two other men have also been charged in Kiss? murder.
Zapata?s mother, Auria, said, ?I don?t believe that he did it. This is not the way I raised him up, to hurt anybody.? She adds, ?I?m here being his mother. To show I care for him and I?m there for him.?
Kiss? mother was also at the courthouse for the trial. Kiss? family members say they just want justice to be served.