Advocacy group wants changes to Stamford's 'boulevard of death'

People in Stamford are demanding change to make city roads safer for pedestrians.
It comes after two co-workers were struck and killed by someone who police say fled the scene.
A local group called People Friendly Stamford says the city is on board with making Stamford's roads safer - now it's up to the state.
"We call this street the boulevard of death," said Chris Dawson with People Friendly Stamford, a local advocacy group dedicated to making Stamford's streets safer.
Dawson says five people have died on Washington Boulevard at Main Street.
This is the same location of a double-fatal pedestrian accident. Just two weeks ago, Giovani Vega Benis and Yuliana Arias Lozano, both 25, were crossing Washington Boulevard when they were hit by a car and killed.
Vega's family tells News 12 Connecticut the impact was so strong that his clothes came off his body. His funeral was last Monday.
"Our hearts are breaking for the loss of two citizens," said Dawson.
As News 12 has reported, police say the car was driven by Michael Talbot from Greenwich, who police say fled the scene and was later found hiding behind a dumpster. He has not yet been arrested.
"Nobody should die trying to just cross the street, walking home from work or walking to school," said Dawson.
Dawson says People Friendly Stamford sent a letter to the state Department of Transportation asking to modify the intersection on Washington Boulevard because it is a state road and force cars to slow down.
"You would essentially rise up and over, consider it like a speed bump, but the size of the whole intersection," said Dawson.
Dawson says thousands of people dodge death every day trying to cross the street. He hopes his efforts can prevent any further tragedies.
"Human nature won't change, but road engineering can," says Dawson.
Stamford police say they are still investigating and awaiting more information to build their case.