ALERT CENTER: Passenger with no flight experience lands plane following pilot's medical emergency

A passenger aboard a private plane landed the aircraft safely after the pilot suffered a medical emergency. 
The passenger, who has no flight experience, landed the single-engine Cessna 208 at Palm Beach International Airport Tuesday.
Air traffic controller Robert Morgan, a 20-year veteran, guided the passenger down to a safe landing. Morgan is a certified flight instructor with experience piloting Cessna aircraft, the FAA said.
“Kudos to the new pilot,” one controller told him after the plane smoothly wheeled down the tarmac.
Rescue workers assisted the original pilot, officials said. Neither passenger had any injuries. Officials did not immediately say what caused the pilot to fall ill.
Morgan said in a video released by the FAA that he was just doing his job, but at a higher level than he thought he would have to do it.
“We’ve never had anything like that," Morgan said. “I felt like I was in a movie.”