Alleged assault victim says attacker used racial slurs at Milford restaurant

Police say a 47-year-old Milford woman is facing misdemeanor charges of assault and breach of peace following an incident at Alfa’s Bar & Grille Tuesday night.
A Bridgeport woman, who asked only to be identified as Dee, told News 12 that she was the victim of the alleged attack, which also involved racial slurs hurled her way.
Dee says the incident began when a man who works at the business made a racially insensitive comment in her presence. Then, she says a woman attacked her and made a racially insensitive comment about her hair and pulled off her wig.
Dee says tensions grew and she decided to leave.
"We are supposed to be united. That's how I feel,” says Dee. “I don't feel that that should have happened to anyone, especially me. I'm a mother, I'm someone's daughter, I am a business owner, I am somebody and they treated me like an animal, as if I was nothing or meant anything; but I do."
Kristina Pacelli, the alleged attacker, was charged in the incident. She didn’t respond to a request to comment. The owner of Alfa’s Bar & Grille said he had nothing to say about the incident.