Alleged Stratford tombstone scam under investigation

A Stratford monument company is being investigated for taking its customers money without providing any service.
The state attorney general is investigating between 10 and 15 cases involving Lakeview Monument Company and has ordered the company to distribute reimbursements. Customers claim they paid thousands of dollars for specialized tombstones they never received.
Verna Kearny, a police officer with the Bridgeport department, says her husband's cemetery plot is empty even though she finished her payments in August. Kearny says she thought she was dealing with a reputable business after hearing of Lakeview's connection to Stratford's local government.
According to Kearny, she was told the owner of Lakeview Monument Company is the registrar of voters in Stratford as well as the father of Mayor James Miron. Kearny says she will continue telling her story until she gets what is owed.
"All I want is the tombstone or to be reimbursed," she says. "I'm not asking for much."