Another corruption trial underway in Bridgeport

The trial of a woman accused of bribing former state Senator Ernie Newton got underway Tuesday in Bridgeport.
Jeanette Foxworth is accused of bribing Newton in an effort to steer state and city contracts to her computer company. She faces charges of conspiracy, wire fraud and lying to FBI agents. Tuesday, the prosecution played FBI tape recordings of Foxworth and Newton.
The former Bridgeport school superintendent testified about meetings she had with the pair over the awarding of an audit contract. State Rep. Don Clemons (D-124th Assembly District), who replaced Newton when he was elected to the state Senate, also took the stand.
The defense argued Foxworth made a loan to Newton with the understanding it would be repaid. Defense lawyers said the checks were never intended to be illegal and that she wasn't aware of Newton's intentions. They also claim she never lied to the FBI.
Newton pleaded guilty in 2005 to receiving a bribe, raiding his campaign fund and filing a false income tax return. He is currently serving a five-year prison sentence.