Aquarion officials urge public to conserve water during severe drought despite some rainfall

Aquarion Water Company is urging the public to still conserve water despite the first major rain event since Connecticut began experiencing drought conditions.
Aquarion's George Logan says a single soaking will provide only cosmetic impacts, adding the state will need several months of sustained rainfall to fill its reservoirs and alleviate the drought.
In the latest update from state officials, a map shows the majority of Connecticut is experiencing severe drought conditions.
Aquarion Water Company says its reservoirs are at anywhere between 70 and 85% capacity, which means they're in good shape for now. But the company says it's still important to conserve water, so that its reservoirs don't deplete.
"Whether it's your irrigation system or at your home, personal use over a sustained period. That's what's going to help us to get the maximum use out of our limited supply of our wonderful natural resource," Logan says.