Are your pets prepared for severe weather? These 8 tips will help keep them safe

To ensure your pets’ safety, it is important to be proactive and don't wait until a storm and severe weather hits to start planning for a disaster.
These tips will help keep your pets safe:

1. Include your pet in a family emergency plan

The number one step in preparing your pet and family for severe weather is to talk with your family to determine an emergency plan that includes your pet.

2. Put up pet number decal on your door/window

Put a decal or sticker in your home’s front window indicating the number and type of pets you have.

3. Collar and microchip

Make sure that the contact information on your pets’ collar and microchip is always up to date, so they can get all the help they need in case they escape.

4. Create an emergency pet supply bag

You should include food, medication, water, a photo of your pet, leashes and carriers, and medical records. See the image below for the items you should include.

5. Ask for help

Ask neighbors if they are able to assist with your pet in case you cannot make it home.

6. Back up plans

Secure alternative plans with friends and family outside of your neighborhood. Know where to find temporary housing for you and your pet.
How ready are you for severe weather? These tips will help you prepare

7. Important phone numbers

Make a list of important phone numbers, including your veterinarian, boarding facilities and pet-friendly hotels.

8. Never leave your pet alone

In the event that you must evacuate, take care of your pet. Never leave your pet behind. He/she may become lost, injured or worse.