Around 100 cars submerged in water at Stamford parking garage

Tow truck drivers worked hard to remove abandoned cars and clear the roads.

News 12 Staff

Sep 2, 2021, 5:29 PM

Updated 993 days ago


The city of Stamford spent Thursday cleaning up after Ida brought severe flooding to the area.
Tow truck drivers worked hard to remove abandoned cars and clear the roads.
“We’re trying to keep up with all of them,” says one tow truck driver. “And get the roads opened up for the police.”
The parking garage at the Wescott apartments complex was completely flooded.
The maintenance director for the complex told News 12 that an announcement had to be for residents to get their cars out.
“We put an announcement on the speaker for the tenants who could hear it,” says Serafin Dodaj. “‘You’ve got to move. Get your cars out of here because we’re going to get flooded right away.’”
Residents scrambled to the garage to get their cars out. 
City workers are working to pump out the millions of gallons of water from the garage.
Sue Sweeney says it could have been worse, recalling the floods of 1955. 
Fifteen years ago, the Army Corps of Engineers took down an old dam to lower the risk of flooding.
"We could have been talking 1955 if that project hadn't been done," says Sweeney.
The city received 1,800 911 calls during a ten-hour period. Police rescued 18 people.

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