Art installation near Sen. Schumer’s home urges rejection of proposed cuts to climate provisions

A group of parents and kids are urging Sen. Chuck Schumer to refute the proposed cuts to climate provisions in the "Build Back Better” bill. 
The group set up an art installation just steps from the senator’s home that addresses the future humans are leaving for his grandson.
“We actually have a message for him about his grandson Noah. He loves to talk about him all the time,” says Liat Olenic, of the group Sunrise Kids. “The reality is if he wants Noah to have a livable future and really a future at all, he needs to fight harder.”
Some participants are pushing for 40% of funding to be directed to frontline communities and an end to fossil fuel subsidies.
Many who took part in the art installation were young children from the neighborhood.
News 12 reached out to Schumer’s office for comment.