Artwork found in Watertown dumpster now on display in Southport

The artwork of Francis Hines that a local man found in a Watertown dumpster is now available for everyone to see.
The historic and extremely valuable pieces Waterbury mechanic Jared Whipple saved are now on display at the Hollis Taggart gallery in Southport.
Gallery staff say they are in awe of the work and are so thankful the pieces were saved.
"The fact that he was a mechanic, he has a love for automobiles. The fact that the theme and the context of the paintings are automobiles. I feel like if it was a different context, flowers or landscape he wouldn't have connected to it or been passionate about it and wouldn't have taken the works," said Paul Efstathiou, with Hollis Taggart.
Whipple found the works in a dumpster a few years ago on a Watertown property. They were left there after Hines died.
The exhibition, which has been in the works for the last couple of years, just opened last week.
"They were going to be thrown away and forgotten about and he brought it back to life," said Efstathiou.
The artwork is signed by Hines, a find worth millions of dollars.
Between all the Hollis Taggart galleries, 25 of the 30 pieces in stock have been sold, totaling $500,000.
The artwork is on display at the Hollis Taggart Gallery in Southport until June 11.