Assisted Living Home Car Services help Connecticut families impacted by Alzheimer’s

Sally Green reached out to Assisted Living Home Car Services after her mother, Florence Larkin, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 78 in 2019.
Green says all the signs were there.
“My mom is my best friend. We used to speak all the time every day,” she said. "She kept repeating herself."
Assisted Living Home Car Services sent an aid to help the family navigate the difficult journey.
Rita Mazzarello is the outreach and marketing manager for the company. She says they employ in-home care so that people living with the disease can feel more comfortable in their environment.
"Ninety-percent of our clients have some degree of dementia or Alzheimer’s. Our caregivers and our staff are sensitive to that,” she said.
Those interested in getting help from the company should check in with federal and state programs to see if they qualify for financial aid.