Athletes: JFK High School athletic field in disrepair

Athletes at John F. Kennedy High School in Kings Bridge say their artificial turf field is in such bad shape that when they fall, it?s like skidding on a concrete floor.
While the field was considered pristine a decade ago, it?s now ripping from the ground so much that coaches must stitch it up and tape it down themselves.
Thousands of students use the field every day in physical education class and the football and soccer teams use the field for games. The surrounding community also uses the field for Little League and special events.
The school?s athletic director says he reached out to the Department of Education for help but was told that the school had to fix a drainage issue first. Students and teachers have tried to take matters into their own hands by applying for grants to get the thousands of dollars necessary for repairs.
The assistant principal says the field will be too dangerous to play on in a few years.