Attorney for Jose Morales: 220,000 pieces of evidence in Ansonia murder case against father of missing girl

The attorney for Jose Morales, the father of Vanessa Morales who is accused of killing the missing girl's mother, said Monday he has reviewed all the discovery in the murder case against Morales, which is extensive.
"We just had the last 15 discs turned over to us that we have gone through. There's about 220,000 pieces of evidence in this case, so we've had the opportunity to go through those," said attorney Ed Gavin during a brief hearing Monday.
Gavin told News 12 the case is still headed to trial, but there's no date yet because Judge Kevin Russo just took over the case and has to get caught up. Morales wore a cross in his first appearance before Russo Monday.
"I think it would be beneficial to everyone if we have the opportunity to meet with your honor on an afternoon and just bring you up to speed and get the court's thoughts in regard to scheduling the trial," Gavin said at the hearing, which Russo agreed to.
Morales is charged with the murder of Christine Holloway, whom police found beaten to death inside her home in Ansonia on Dec. 2, 2019. Her 1-year-old daughter Vanessa was nowhere to be found. Jose Morales was named the prime suspect in Vanessa Morales' disappearance but hasn't been charged. He told police he had nothing to do with what happened to his daughter or her mother, according to his arrest warrant.
"The defense has turned over a report to the state for its examination. Attorney Gavin and I have discussed the ramifications of that," Supervisory Assistant State's Attorney Howard Stein explained to Russo.
Gavin declined to say what the report is on but previously said his client was being examined.
Morales has pleaded not guilty to charges of murder and evidence tampering. His warrant said police discovered Jose Morales' hair in Holloway's hand and her blood on his shoes. Jose Morales also asked a friend to give him an alibi for the day Holloway died, but witnesses put him at Holloway's house right before she was killed, the warrant said.
In court, Jose Morales waved at a family member before he was led out. He's due back before the judge on Oct. 10.
Holloway's family was also at the hearing. Police have said they continue to search for Vanessa Morales.