Attorney General: Bridgeport gas retailer fined $7,000 for not lowering taxes on fuel during gas tax holiday

A Bridgeport gas retailer was forced to pay $7,000 in fines to the state after it failed to lower taxes on gasoline during the gas tax holiday in April.
Attorney Gen. William Tong says Bridgeport-based Nunes Auto Repair has paid $7,000 for failure to lower its prices by 25 cents per gallon on April 1 as required by the gas tax holiday suspension.
Tong says an investigation by the Office of the Attorney General revealed Nunes Auto did not lower its price on regular grade gas until April 4, and the gas retailer consistently failed to fully lower prices on its mid- and premium-grade gas.
News 12 spoke with the owner of Nunes Auto, Michael Nunes, on the phone. Nunes says while he did make a mistake, he feels the fine is too high and that he is being made an example because the business is family-owned.
Roberts Motorcars in Woodbury has to pay over $1,200 for overcharging, and they would not comment on the situation.
Acting in coordination with the Department of Consumer Protection, the Office of the Attorney General may file lawsuits against retailers found to be in violation of this law and seek appropriate relief, including injunctive terms, restitution, and civil financial penalties designed to deter future unscrupulous sellers.
The Office of the Attorney General has received 306 complaints regarding gas prices since March, both regarding the gas tax holiday and general gas price gouging complaints. All complaints were reviewed. Of those, the office initiated 12 gas tax related investigations and 93 price gouging investigations. There have been two enforcement actions to date, including Nunes Auto, regarding gas tax violations. Other investigations remain open and ongoing.
Consumers may file complaints online using the Office of the Attorney General complaint portal: here
The Office of the Attorney General says there are still a number of other gas retailers under investigation.
The gas tax holiday expires on Nov. 30.